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This is just a simple script that visualises the versions of test programs installed on some test hardware. With 8 test machines and more than 350 test programs ensuring each machine has the latest versions by hand is time consuming and error prone.

The script is ~500 lines of python and split into two parts.

Part one generates the list of the programs and versions installed on a machine. Fortunately this is quite simple as the required info is stored in the windows registry and an xml file.

The second part compares the lists from the first part and then outputs html containing a table. The table lists each machine along with the programs installed and their versions. The old versions are highlighted in red while current versions in green. This gives a quick visual indication as to which machines require which programs updating.


  • Produce a list of all installed test programs and their versions.
  • Produce a table comparing the versions installed on each machine, highlighting out of date versions.


Written July/August 2009.

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Page last modified on August 31, 2009, at 09:53 PM