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Dark explorer is an editor for darkbasic professional, fps creator and darkbasic classic exes.

  • Load and save dbpro, fpscreator and dbc exes.
  • Insert, remove, replace and extract files within the exe.
  • (dbpro) Decompress compressed exes.
  • (dbpro) Compress uncompressed exes with a user selected compress.dll
  • (dbpro) Change initial display settings.
  • (dbpro) Externalise dlls, see this forum thread.
  • Add non tpc dlls to the exe, for example the newton physics dll
  • Fix the exe when the exe section changes when changing version info or swapping icons

For more info on the dbpro exe format see dbpro exe format.

Current version V0.18 released 26 July 2009.

Changes in latest version

  • Added TPC dependency viewing to dll viewer.

Download - requires .Net framework v1.1 - 70Kb - includes C# source under gpl license.

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Page last modified on July 26, 2009, at 03:48 PM