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Allows you to export methods in .NET dlls for use in dbpro and other unmanaged languages. Based on the inverse pinvork or reverse pinvoke method shown here.

Note that this isn't much more than a crude proof of concept that may not work. Simple dlls should work fine but more complex ones can fail.

Read the online documentation for step by step instructions.

If you want to use dbpro functions within your tpc dll download .net interface as well.

New in v0.17

  • Don't add ildasm versions to the combo box if they are not in the registry.
  • Add custom ildasm and ilasm items that allow manual selection of ildasm or ilasm via an open file dialog.

Download v0.17 - 08 August 2009 with c# source under GPL license - 116Kb
Requires .NET SDK

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